Hampstead NH Youth Lacrosse Association, HYLA

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Covid-19 Policy and Procedures for 2021



UPDATE: Parents MUST bring a completed and signed PhanZone COVID-19 Waiver each week and hand it to a HYLA Board Member or PhanZone Staff.  A signed waiver is required for each child you have in the program.



HYLA is committed to providing a safe 2021 Season for all families in our lacrosse community. All Policies and Procedures MUST be followed in order to keep the players, coaches, referees, and families safe... and our season active.

2021 Indoor at PhanZone

  • All players will arrive to practice no more than 10 minutes early
  • Players will be dropped off at the side entrance of PhanZone
  • Players will arrive to practice fully ready to play (players can dress in the Parking lot before being dropped off at the side entrance of PhanZone)
  • No bags will be aloud in to the PhanZone
  • Each player should have a labeled water bottle
  • There will be no more than 50 players including coaches on a field at a time
  • All players, coaches, and board members will wear a mask at all times, this includes on the field while playing
  • Face shield cannot be used in place of a mask
  • All players and coaches will enter the field at the designated door and exit at the designated door from the field
  • Parents will be required to drop off their player and wait in their car in the parking lot
  • Players will be dismissed through the front door of PhanZone in order to avoid entering players
  • If a U8 player has a parent request to accompany their child, they will need to adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines and only 1 parent will be aloud in, NO SIBLINGS
  • PhanZone does not want players using the back door to PhanZone at any time
  • Players that do not come to practice with a mask will be given one
  • Players that refuse to wear a mask will not be aloud into PhanZone
  • Players must turn in a signed Covid-19 waiver printed from the website, players will not be aloud to enter without the waiver
  • Players who have traveled outside of NH should adhere to the DHHS guidelines of quarantining for 2 weeks, or 7 day with a negative Covid test that should be presented to a board member
  • HYLA reserves the right to add or change guidelines based on DHHS guidelines and Governor mandates